21st Century Storytellers

Our Mission:  We tell stories that change the world.

Our Vision:  Graduates who change the world through their storytelling.

For decades, the University of Iowa School of Journalism & Mass Communication has been known as the “writing school” among its peers, a School deeply embedded in the liberal arts and dedicated to the craft of writing.  Our new strategic plan builds on this reputation and pulls it into the 21st Century.  The centerpiece of our strategic plan is to become known as the pre-eminent multimedia storytelling School in the Midwest.   Today, all forms of writing are moving online, and multimedia dominates online cultural production.  Thus, our interest in multimedia storytelling is a natural extension of our longstanding brand.  While of course our peers teach multimedia storytelling, none has embraced it as a signature theme.  In addition, no other unit in CLAS teaches multimedia storytelling.  Thus, this pivot offers the School an opportunity to own a niche in the broader marketplace, and allows it to make a unique contribution to CLAS program offerings.